About Us

F1 Hoverpod® Ltd was formed in 2005 with the intent of developing a Motor Sport with something extra to offer the Racing enthusiast. In line with tradition, it would have to provide the very best in excitement and provide a competitive atmosphere. In order to capture the interest of the World, it would have to go at least one step further and really test the skills of Motor Racing. This could not be managed with conventional vehicles and with ever increasing constraints associated with environmental issues, it would have to break new ground and lead the World in both technology and safety standards.


After many discussions with Vehicle Designers, Motor Sport Drivers and Race Organisers it was finally decided that a totally new vehicle was required which would extend the boundaries of both ability and technique and bring back the skills of the pilot and remove from the vehicle any driver aids or computerised technology.


The requirements of the vehicle would be to travel almost anywhere at high speed. It would need to be accessible to all and easy to learn to pilot. The vehicle would have to drive forward the standards of technology and encourage interest and support from the world of Motor Sport by addressing the issues such as environment and safety whilst at the same time providing the maximum excitement available.

The creation of the Hoverpod® was the solution and the result is that the World of Motor Sport will take a Giant leap forward. The opportunity to become the next Motor Sport Superstar had arrived and for the very first time it is open to all.