The Team Members at F1 Hoverpod ltd have demonstrated a need for a Brand New Motor Sport which can be open to all. The international interest and attraction has been extensive from all corners of the globe.


The opportunity now exists for all interested parties to take the concept forward and apply for the exclusive rights to establish the Brand name F1 Hoverpod® in their location or country through a unique licensed partnership agreement.


The benefits of obtaining such a partnership agreement are almost endless. The High Profile and prestigious name F1 Hoverpod® Racing is one to which will no doubt attract much interest within the media and public attention. The National and International Race Events Program will attract the Race Enthusiast to the F1 Hoverpod® Racing Clubs and as such there is now a short window of opportunity to declare your interest for the F1 Hoverpod® Ltd Business concept and establish your interest in becoming a Master Licensee for the F1 Hoverpod® Ltd Group of Companies.


If you feel you have the commitment, drive and enthusiasm to develop such a project and take it to a greater level, then we want to hear from you now.


Click here for the downloadable application form (PDF).