The Team Members at F1 Hoverpod Racing, have decided that the Racing Events Program should be structured into three different levels and standards. All of which have been created to make each level achievable to everyone.


F1 Hoverpod Racing Clubs have been designed with the Family in mind. The Club and its facilities will provide the venue and refreshments, while the Racing provides the attraction and excitement. The Manx GT was developed specifically with the Club Racing in mind and is a two person, high powered vehicle which is capable of reaching extraordinary speeds.


The National Championship is the next level at which Club Members are able to achieve. The event is based around the Club Champions representing their Individual Club to race against other Club Champions in order to create the National Champion and Title Holder.


International Racing is the challenge of all challenges and has been developed with the professional circuit in mind and as such a need arose for a totally new vehicle to be designed. The criteria and specification presented was to increase the power supply, modify the aerodynamics and provide a product which would deserve to claim the title of F1 Hoverpod and be the envy of the World. The International Race Event will be dedicated to the National Champions from each member Country and test the very best of the best in competing against each other to create the F1 Hoverpod Racing World Champion.